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Our mission is to empower you with the most advanced system of expedition apparel that is intentionally designed to help you perform at your best in any environment. 

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Pursuing Perfection

Every garment we make is first designed and prototyped at our workspace in Jackson, Wyoming.  These prototypes are then tested both daily and on extended wilderness trips for at least eight months before we begin working with factories in the US to bring the product to market.  We obsess over small but critical details like the style of zipper sliders, the number of stitches per inch, the type of thread, and the combination of seams used in each area.  Our focus on these details has a significant impact on the durability and performance of the garment.

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The Best Fabrics

We only use the most advanced textiles in the world.  We work with top textile companies such as Schoeller, Toray, eVent, Polartec, and Primaloft.  These fabrics combine multiple high tech performance features that actively help you in dynamic environments. 

We also intentionally use Bluesign approved fabrics, which offer the highest level of consumer safety by using materials and manufacturing methods that conserve resources and minimize impacts on people and the environment.  

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We do not have any animosity towards other nations and we are not against international trade; we enthusiastically purchase fabrics from responsible suppliers in countries like Japan and Switzerland.  We simply prefer to support responsible US companies whenever it is possible.

US Manufacturing

All of our garments are cut and sewn at factories in the United States.  We choose to manufacture our apparel in the US because we want to support our communities and we value the more responsible labor standards that are enforced here.  Manufacturing in the US also gives us a greater level of quality control and reduces the carbon footprint of our products.

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The Price

Using the best fabrics in the world and US manufacturing makes it very expensive for us to produce each garment. There is no luxury brand markup on any of our apparel; when you invest in a Rinord garment you are simply paying for best fabric in the world, proven design features, and US manufacturing.

Built To Last

All of our apparel comes with a lifetime warranty.  If your garment ever breaks or tears just send it back and we’ll fix it for free. 

We guarantee that you will love our apparel by offering free returns and exchanges on every order for 30 days. 

RINORD - The name comes from the latin word "Rimor", which means explorer, and the french word "Nord", meaning north.  The idea for Rinord was born while the founder was guiding multi-week wilderness river trips in northern Canada. 

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